3 Days of Fundraising Left!

Friends, 3 days left in our campaign and we have a ways to go to reach our goal! NOMs Deli Gluten-Free Food Truck will be opening by August 2015 and we need your help for the final odds and ends!

Click here: Our Fundraising Campaign with Incentives to learn more and contribute!

We look forward to serving you, nom nom nom, see you soon!



Major Update!!

Friends, you have been so patient. The last few years of planning and working towards expanding our tiny kitchen into a food truck operation are about to pay off…we will FINALLY be bringing you NOMS Deli: Dedicated Gluten Free Food Truck this coming Spring 2015! Fine Flours Bakery will be minimally present at the Harrisonburg Farmers for the remainder of the year and will be taking a hiatus from the Winter Market (to further plan and prepare for the delicious foods we will be bringing to you and take a rest from the hustle and bustle of our weekly routine). During this time we will continue to wholesale to select establishments such as Greenberry’s and the new Student Success Center on JMU Campus. Our tentative plan is to be set up at the Rock’N Wolfe Food Truck Park in Downtown Harrisonburg by Spring; this will allow Celiacs and Gluten Free folks to have as many options as their non-gluten free friends in one community location!
We appreciate the tremendous amount of moral support and good vibes we have received for this project in the last year, both from our regular customers and the wonderful response from our local community in general. In the coming months, we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.com to assist us in the last few steps of funding to finish the project and bring you fresh gluten free meals, snacks and drinks! Keep an eye out, there will be many incentives for donations that will range from sides and sandwiches to invitations for our Grand Opening/Launch to gluten free cooking cheats and classes! We thank you all again for being amazing!

Long Overdue Update!

First of all, we apologize for such a long silence to you friends.  The winter has been long, cold and very busy with planning; we are really looking forward to the warmth and sunshine over the spring and summer to come! 

The Harrisonburg Farmer’s Market will be starting their regular season on Saturday April 5.  The market runs on Tuesday and Saturday mornings from 8am-1pm.  Please stop by our stand on Saturdays for delicious gluten-free food, treats and drinks!  We have been experimenting with sweet and savory recipes and improving our old spread, providing a much wider offering of products than in the past few years.  We will begin to serve hot sandwiches to give a taste of what will be offered on our dedicated gluten-free food truck when we finally open…sometime in the next several months! 

The food truck, oh, the food truck!  As many of you know, we were not fully successful with our first Kickstarter Campaign in November.  The project was funded about 30%; with Kickstarter you don’t see the funds unless the project is fully funded.  We were a little discouraged, but tapped the brakes a little from what we learned during that first round of crowdfunding.  We decided to slow down and go the proper route, really putting our business plan first and thinking things through.  We have been working with the Staunton Creative Community Fund for a few months now; it has been incredibly valuable and forced us to ask ourselves real questions about how the food truck will operate and not take on too much.  That being said, we will be launching a second campaign with IndieGoGo soon.  IndieGoGo offers flexible funding, meaning that unlike our first crowdfunding project, we will be receiving whatever funds are raised.  Please keep an eye out for when we launch, there are even better incentives and perks to pledge than our first campaign, with things like t-shirts, a cooking class and invitations to our launch party! 

Thank you all for your unending support and your constant encouragement!  We will get there and serve you safe, amazing food!

It’s Almost Time!

Happy October everyone!  Last night, with the help of friends, we completed our final requirement -the video- for our Kickstarter campaign.  The time is nearly upon us to kick off the campaign and ask for your support in helping our expansion become a reality!  There will be incentives for contributors of all amounts! We are currently looking at a potential space in Downtown Harrisonburg for a build-out, in the hopes of bringing you great tasting gluten free food on a daily basis.  Thanks for staying tuned friends, we will be posting the link as soon as it is ready to go!

Amazing Sandwich Rolls…Perfected!

Amazing Sandwich Rolls...Perfected!

Working in a small town, we are lucky enough to work alongside a lot of other awesome small businesses. Today, we partnered with the new Korean food truck, Mashita, and provided small baguettes for their lunch catering for the Community Fund. This meant I was required to practice, finally perfecting bread #2 of our 3 signature sandwich breads for our future permanent location! Get excited friends, it is completely VEGAN!

In other news, our Kickstarter campaign is nearly complete! We really look forward to getting started on our goal of finding a permanent location and thank everyone for their continued support. =)

Thanks for Signing Up! Fundraising Update.

Thanks for Signing Up!  Fundraising Update.

Jon and I hope everyone enjoyed samples of our bread at the Harrisonburg Farmer’s Market this last Saturday! We have received a huge response from the community, including all of you, about our permanent location expansion goals over the following several months. Fine Flours Bakery will be starting a Kickstarter Campaign (hopefully by the end of this week) to fundraise for this expansion; we will be posting the link on all of our social media sites. If all goes as planned, we will be doing business under a different name and serving a lot more than just baked goods! There will be great incentives to pledge like free sandwiches and sides, t-shirts and more. Stay tuned for more updates! Thanks to everyone for helping us push onward, it keeps us motivated!